What should a good email signature include?

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A quick guide to email signature best practices.


Your email signature is important. Many times, it is the first thing potential customers encounter at your first business contact with them. It is crucial to make the correct impression that would raise potential customers’ faith in your ability to give them what they need. If you succeed in delivering the right message in your email signature, your customers will perceive you as professional, reliable and trustworthy. They will believe you know what you’re doing and can help them achieve their goals in whatever field your business operates.


So what information should be given in your email signature?

A successful email signature should be 3-4 lines long, no longer than that.

Enter your basic information – Name, professional title, company – with a link to its website, phone number, relevant to social media, but only if it is used for professional purposes. Do not add personal social media details. Don’t overdo it – recipients don’t need all of the email addresses and phone numbers that you use. In fact, they don’t need your email address at all, since they are getting the signature in an email from your address.

It is now completely acceptable to use a call-to-action in a business email signature. A call to action is a marketing term, used to describe a few words that ask people to perform an action that is desired by the company, such as filling in a contact form, downloading information, calling a phone number, etc. Many recent email signatures use call-to-action wording to encourage recipients to click on a link that would land them on a designated landing page with a sales message or with relevant information. It can also lead them to a LinkedIn profile, a blog or a specific post, event invitation or information about a product you’re trying to sell. Again, do not overdo it – one call to action is enough.

It goes without saying that every piece of text in your signature has to be checked and re-checked for mistakes and typos.


Pictures and styling

Other blog posts on this blog will go into further details about the styling options of an email signature. However, here are the basics: More attention is given to visual signals than to texts. And people remember faces more than anything else. So put your picture in your business email signature. It will help show recipients that there is a real person behind the business or marketing proposition. Use a color picture – color stands out and is more memorable.


It’s Easy!

Good news – you don’t have to do all this yourself, or hire the expensive services of a graphic designer. You can use a simple, online digital signature generator to do it for you, in just a few clicks. It will only take a few minutes to create an attractive and successful email signature.

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