How to Choose the Right Font for your Email Signature

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It’s well established that making the right impression through your digital email signature is a make-or-break issue for a business. You can send the right message with a sophisticated choice of font, while using the much-ridiculed Comic Sans can kill your business right off, even if your business caters to children as its main customers.


There are so many options – what do I do?

Well, you can start by doing some online research and checking what your competitors are doing. Try to get a look at the fonts they’re using in their official emails, papers and logos, and get a sense of the messages they are trying to convey to potential customers. Decide which of these messages can work well for your business, too. Then, research online for similar fonts, or fonts that you think convey those messages. There are specialized websites that can help you with your research. Just Google “fonts and feelings” or “font characteristics” and get many helpful suggestions for sites and articles that can help you. Remember that simple fonts are always easier for people to read, process and understand. Mixing too many fonts in the same place is confusing and make things harder to process.


I’ve decided on messages for my signature. Now what?

There are technical issues that need to be considered. Size does matter here, and the most recommended size for maximum readability is 10-12pt. You have to choose the right color as well. You can be creative and use color if you like, but don’t go crazy and throw too many irrelevant colors in. It is preferable not to stray too far from your website color palette or your business logo. Or just keep things professional and use your chosen font in black or dark grey, which is very elegant. Try not to use colors such as bright red, light yellow, light green, and other vivid colors that would make the important information in your email signature difficult to read.


What about the font style?

The style of the font matters, too. Your online digital signature is not the place to use strange font styles or go all italic. Use font styles intelligently – italics and bolding attract the reader’s eyes to them, so choose carefully what you want their attention to be drawn to. It should be important information, a special offer or quality of your business. Otherwise, don’t use italics or bolding.


Still struggling?

SIgnitPro’s free email signature generator tool can help you create great digital signatures for your business’ emails very easily and quickly. In a few minutes’ time, you, too, can have a professional-looking email signature that would deliver the right messages to your potential clients. Give it a try.


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