Why do so many Businesses Invest in Branding?

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In the last few years, we’ve been hearing the word everywhere. Branding has become one of the marketing paths businesses invest in, if not the main one. But what is so important in branding that so many business heads are willing to put so much effort into it, and what is it anyway?


Branding is not just a cool name, logo or sign for your business.

Branding is actually the creation of a mostly visual language for your business that would make it uniquely and immediately recognizable to potential and current customers. It is a whole package of communication methods meant to make your business stand out from the rest, memorable and special. Branding highlights what your business has to give your clients that its competitors cannot provide. It builds your business’ reputation and credibility, and helps delivers the messages you’d like to convey to your clients and the public. These messages can be values, qualities, but must above all include emotions. Whenever your clients or the public thinks or remembers your business, branding should make sure they feel what you’d like them to feel about it.


Feelings mean more connection to your business

This emotional connection to a business is what makes potential customers buy goods and services from you rather than someone else, since it has already been scientifically proven that people make money-spending choices according to their emotional state and not as a result of logical reasoning. People are willing to pay for products and services given by companies they know. They also expect to pay more for branded products and services than for non-branded ones. People create a buzz on social media outlets about brands, posting brand-related information, images and their emotions about it. This is free advertising for your business, worth a lot of money because of its authenticity.


So how do you brand a business?

Branding is a long and complex process which requires deep research into the nature of the business and its clients, profound understanding of its unique aspects and the accurate definition of its marketing goals. This process is called “characterization,” and when done right, everything else falls into place – the marketing venues and methods, the graphic and physical design, and other elements. When you know the answer to “why,” everything else becomes clear. Choosing the right logo or designing a sign or ad are just small pieces out of the total decisions made about how and why the business and anything related to it should look the way they do.


What can I do to help my business’ branding efforts?

SignitPro offers the opportunity to create a branded digital email signature for your business, easily and quickly. In just a few minutes, and using an online digital signature generator, you can add a professional-looking email signature to all of your business’ emails. The signature can present the logo, colors and messages that are part of your branding process, helping you fulfill your business’ marketing goals. Here is an example:



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